Other ADRs

In addition to the ABF, others bodies also provide out-of-court settlement of disputes between intermediaries and customers concerning banking and financial transactions and services:

  • the Banking and Financial Conciliator, an ADR body providing conciliation and arbitration services, established by intermediaries;
  • other bodies recognized and authorized to provide mediation services in accordance with the legislative framework.

Financial Dispute Arbitrator - Consob

If the dispute between customer and intermediary does not concern banking and financial services (e.g. current accounts, credit or debit cards, personal loans or mortgages and reports to the Central Credit Register) but rather investment services and activities (e.g. securities trading or placement, investment advice and asset management), the customer may contact the Financial Dispute Arbitrator (FDA), an ADR body established by Consob pursuant to Legislative Decree 130/2015 (implementing Directive 2013/11/EU), which has been active since 9 January 2017.

Consumer disputes - ODR, online dispute resolution

An ODR Platform was established pursuant to Regulation (EU) No 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013, in order to settle disputes arising from online purchases of goods and services (Online Dispute Regulation).

You can consult the list of dispute resolution bodies recognized under the ADR Directive on the ODR platform.