Toll-free number

Besides requesting support through the Web Portal, for general information on the Financial and Banking Ombudsman you can also call the following toll-free number:
800 196 969 - Option 1.

Request for assistance via the Web Portal

If you need help, both with complaints that you have already filed and with those that are still in draft form, you may send a request for assistance via the Web Portal. You will be contacted as soon as possible.

Technical Secretariats

The Technical Secretariats will only answer queries concerning complaints that have already been filed. The service is available from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 13:30.

  • Milan Panel

    Via Cordusio, 5
    20123 Milan

    Tel. 02.724.242.46
    Fax 02.724.244.72

  • Turin Panel

    Via Arsenale, 8
    10121 Turin

    Tel. 011.551.85.90
    Fax 011.551.85.72

  • Bologna Panel

    Piazza Cavour, 6
    40124 Bologna

    Tel. 051.643.01.20
    Fax 051.643.01.45

  • Rome Panel

    Via Venti Settembre, 97/e
    00187 Rome

    Tel. 06.4792.92.35
    Fax 06.4792.94.208

  • Naples Panel

    Via Miguel Cervantes, 71
    80133 Naples

    Tel. 081.797.53.50
    Fax 081.797.53.55

  • Bari Panel

    Corso Cavour, 4
    70121 Bari

    Tel. 080.573.15.10
    Fax 080.573.15.33

  • Palermo Panel

    Via Cavour, 131/A
    90133 Palermo

    Tel. 091.607.43.10
    Fax 091.607.42.65

Branches of the Bank of Italy

Branches open to the public, for submitting a complaint in person. All the Branches for sending the complaint via mail or fax.