Filing a complaint

Follow these steps in order to submit a complaint to the ABF. Remember that the ABF may only examine a complaint when the conditions described in the 'Preliminary checklist' section have been fulfilled.

Paying the fee to cover the procedural costs

Before lodging a complaint you must pay €20 to cover the procedural costs. Payment can be made:

  • by bank credit transfer to the account held by 'Banca d'Italia - Segreteria tecnica dell'Arbitro Bancario Finanziario' - IBAN IT71M0100003205000000000904;
  • to postal current account No. 98025661 held by 'Banca d'Italia - Segreteria tecnica dell'Arbitro Bancario';
  • in cash at any branch of the Bank of Italy that is open to the public.

Please note

In all cases you must indicate 'complaint to ABF (Ricorso ABF)' as the reason for the payment and the tax code or VAT code of the client who has filed the complaint. You must also attach a copy of the receipt of payment to the complaint, otherwise it will be declared inadmissible.

If, after having paid the fee, you decide to no longer file a complaint, you may request a refund of 20 euro by contacting the competent Technical Secretariat (see the ‘Contacts’ section).

Filing the complaint

If you want to file the complaint through the Web Portal, log into the reserved area and follow the guided procedure, which helps you to enter the information and organize the documents to be attached.

For further details, you can watch the video tutorial and consult the Guide on how to use the Web Portal, which may be downloaded from this site and is also available at the Bank of Italy branches open to the public, which illustrates all the steps of the procedure.

Check the contact details regularly (email, mobile phone) that you have provided for communicating with the ABF (for example, to respond promptly to a request for supplementary documentation).

You may only file a complaint in hardcopy in the cases described in the Section 'How to file a complaint'.


  1. Guide on how to use the Web Portal (only in Italian)