If you want to file a complaint against a foreign intermediary who adheres or is subject to a foreign out-of-court settlement scheme which is a member of Fin-Net, you can contact the ABF for support. For further information, please see the section 'Preliminary checklist'.

Fin-Net is a network of national ADR schemes in the banking, financial and insurance services sector, and was set up by the European Commission in 2001.

The network promotes cooperation between alternative dispute resolution systems in the area of financial services and provides consumers with easy access to ADR systems in cases concerning cross-border disputes relating to financial services.

Fin-Net currently has 60 members in 27 countries; these systems operate within the European Union, and also in Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway; the ABF has been a member of Fin-Net since 2011.

A 'memorandum of understanding' describes the cooperation between the different schemes that participate in the network in order to facilitate out-of-court settlement of cross-border disputes.

On the Fin-Net website, also available in Italian, you can find further information on the ADR schemes that are part of the network and on the memorandum of understanding.

Watch the video that talks about the services provided by Fin-Net to assist clients using financial services to set up alternative dispute resolution for disputes with foreign intermediaries.

Conference on 'Banking and financial dispute resolution - the Italian experience in the European context' - 15 September 2017

The conference, organized by the Bank of Italy, Fin-Net, the University of Roma Tre and the University of Luxemburg, analysed the positioning of the Italian experience of banking and financial ADR in the European context. Academics, representatives of the European Commission and of national and foreign ADRs compared and contrasted their various experiences. This is particularly important in light of directive 2013/11/EU, which promotes the development of effective, rapid and fair alternative dispute resolution schemes, thereby satisfying harmonized quality standards and guaranteeing an adequate level of consumer protection.

Consult the documents from the Conference.


  1. Programme
  2. The European Context
  3. The EU Framework for Consumer ADR and ODR
  4. The Fin-Net landscape: a survey
  5. Typology of disputes in front of the ABF
  6. ABF Facts and figures
  7. The Experience of Médiation de l'Assurance
  8. ADR in the UK the Financial Ombudsman Service
  9. The Experience of Banco de España
  10. The Experience of Ombudsstelle für Investmentfonds
  11. Conclusion and Future Perspectives