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The Banking and Financial Ombudsman (ABF) is an out-of-court alternative dispute resolution (ADR) scheme for disputes between customers and banks and other financial intermediaries, concerning banking and financial transactions and services.

How to file a complaint

In this section you may verify whether a dispute can be submitted to the Banking and Financial Ombudsman and, if so, what you must do in order to file a complaint. You can also find out what happens after a complaint is filed.

Annual Report

The Bank of Italy prepares and publishes the Annual Report on the activity of the Banking and Financial Ombudsman according to the provisions on the functioning of the ADR.

Videos about the ABF

Videos and tutorials to understand what the ABF is, how it works, what services it offers to customers and how to file a complaint.

A simple guide to the ABF

Read the guide to find information about the ABF and to learn how to file a complaint (only in Italian).